Work of Human Hands:


by Rev. Anthony Cekada

Father Cekada’s internationally acclaimed systematic analysis of the new rite in light of history, liturgical tradition and Catholic theology, now in its THIRD edition with nearly 4,000 copies sold!
  •  “Full of interesting and credible analysis… An important contribution to the current debate… I encourage others to read it.” (Mgr. Andrew Wadsworth, ICEL General Secretary)
  •  “Carefully argued… Well researched… flags the big question we’ve not been prepared to face.” (Dom Alcuin Reid, author, Organic Development of the Liturgy)
  • “Well-documented… original and worthy of attention.” (Dr. Geoffrey Hull, Christian Order)
  • “The definitive traditionalist critique.” (Dr. Stephen McInerney, Oriens)
  • “Witty, readable… demands a response.” (Brian Mershon, Renew America)
  • Reviews.
  • Chapter videos.
  • Video Interview with Fr. Cekada (Rorate Caeli)

  468 pp. Bibliography. Index.

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Thank you WHH Benefactors! May God reward those souls whose generosity allowed us to print the second edition of Work of Human Hands!

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J.J. Zazzara
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 Paul Aitken • John Bourque • Bob Coffey • Doby Curran • Heather Fuller • Jason Guardiano • Michael J. Imber • Keaton Lambert • Tricia Larson • Deborah K Montoya • Leonard Moss • David W. Mott • Dr. Endre Nagy • Eric Nies • Hiroto Okamura • Edward C. Peschi • Amy Petrizzi• Robert Porter • Victoria L. Simmons • Diane Steinhilber • Dominie Mary Stemp • Rebecca Stump • Nicholas Wansbutter • Jane White • Robert Michael Whitney
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