Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope

The Church teaches that the pope is infallible in faith and morals. Good Catholics obey the laws of the pope and the hierarchy. Bad Catholics pick and choose what laws they want to obey.

Yet at the same time, the very men who would appear to possess authority in the hierarchy teach doctrines that contradict past church teachings, and impose laws and a Mass that harm the faith or have other disastrous effects.

Fr. Cekada provides an easy-to-grasp summary of the sedevacantist argument, based on the teachings of pre-Vatican II canonist, dogmatic theologians an popes.

First published in 1995, revised in 2006 to address various objections, and never refuted! Excellent for newcomers and SSPX types. And a great review for old-timers as well.

We offer it here in a booklet format for easy distribution to curious friends or newcomers to your chapel.

Also excellent for apologetics classes with young people. 37 pp.

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