Summer Novena: St. Anthony, Perpetual Help

At St. Gertrude the Great, we try to keep up with all our saints, but there is one who needs no introduction to any Catholic in the world, for he is the “Universal Saint,” as Leo XIII said. Other saints are honored for this or that particular need. St. Anthony of Padua is invoked for ALL needs.

Many of us know St. Anthony as the finder of lost things, but he is so much more. He is the “Saint of Miracles.” Wherever we turn today, we see universal distress and disorder. Surely we should join together in honoring St. Anthony for all of our needs, spiritual and temporal alike.

St. Anthony died on June 13, which is still commemorated as his feast day. The Tuesday following his burial in Padua in 1231, miracle upon miracle was worked and no one asked the aid of the saint without obtaining relief. Thus arose the custom of dedicating Tuesdays to St. Anthony, which popular piety has increased from the customary nine to thirteen in honor of the date of his death.

We invite you to join with us in our annual Thirteen Tuesdays Devotion to Honor St. Anthony. Send us your intentions to be placed at his shrine. You will be remembered in a Mass on the first of the Tuesdays.

And as part of these, our Summer Devotions, we also honor Our Lady under the title of Mother of Perpetual Help, a devotion likewise associated with Tuesdays.

You may send your intentions at any time during the summer.

Follow the devotions via our live 8:00 AM webcasts every Tuesday at this link.

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