The Ottaviani Intervention


by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani
Antonio Cardinal Bacci
and a Group of Roman Theologians

Translated and Introduced
by Rev. Anthony Cekada

Revised and Updated

When The Ottaviani Intervention first appeared, just months after the promulgation of the New Mass in 1969, the controversy it provoked in Rome forced the Vatican to produce an explanation of the new rite that attempted to rebut the Intervention’s criticisms.

Father Cekada points out in this updated 2010 edition that the Intervention may be even more relevant today because many of the criticisms that it first leveled against the New Mass forty years ago are now routinely heard, even in mainstream Catholic circles.

This 2010 re-release of The Ottaviani Intervention revises and updates Father Cekada’s popular 1992 edition. It  includes a timely new foreword and a redesigned format for easier reading and comprehension. We hope this edition will expose a new generation of Catholic readers to this landmark work and to the issues it continues to raise about the liturgical reform.


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