The Collected Writings of Fr. Anthony Cekada

St. Gertrude the Great Roman Catholic Church has released in print the collected writings of her long-time Assistant Pastor, Father Anthony Cekada (1951-2020). The name of the collection is Don’t Get me Started! The writings consist of articles, studies, and blog posts Father wrote in the years 1979-2019. They’re published in three volumes:
Vol. 1. Road to Sedevacantism
The first volume contains Fr. Cekada’s first articles and academic studies from the 1980’s and 90’s.
420 pp, $24.95
Vol. 2. The Controversialist
The second volume includes Fr. Cekada’s articles from his most productive period in the 2000’s.
511 pp, $24.95
Vol. 3. Whatever
The last volume of the collection includes Father’s posts from his Quidlibet blog, published in the years 2007-2019
377 pp, $24.95
If you purchase all three volumes, the combined price is $69.95.