September Marian Quadriduum, End to Moslem Persecution

While May is Mary's month in popular piety, August honors her Assumption, and December commemorates her Immaculate Conception, did you know that September has more of her feasts than any month of the year?

The back-to-school month sees us honor Our Lady's Nativity, her Seven Sorrows, her Holy Name and finally, Our Lady of Ransom, for her continuing work for the deliverance of the Christians from the Mohammedan. Sadly, these great and ancient feasts of the Blessed Mother are often neglected, half-forgotten in the September rush.

The latter feast, Our Lady of Ransom, takes on a special poignancy in view of the cruel persecution and slaughter of Christians by Mohammedans in the Middle East, who mark the properties of targeted Christians with the Arabic letter "N" (right), standing for "Nazarene."

At St. Gertrude the Great all these great feasts of the Mother of God are fully celebrated with High Masses, and so we thought that you might want to join us in spirit by submitting your alms and your intentions to be placed upon the altar.

We also invite you to assist at these High Masses via our live webcasts at this link.

  • Sep 8 Nativity of Our Lady 
  • Sep 12 Holy Name of Mary
  • Sep 15 Seven Sorrow of Our Lady
  • Sep 24 Our Lady of Ransom