The Anti-Modernist Reader: Vol. 1


Volume 1: The Papacy

Edited by Rev. Anthony Cekada

For decades, the clerical trio of Their Excellencies Bishop Daniel Dolan, Bishop Donald Sanborn, and Father Anthony Cekada has waged an unending war against Modernism and the lies told about Catholicism and the Catholic Church after the disaster that was the Second Vatican Council. They did this through celebrating the True Mass that is the patrimony of every Roman Catholic, by ministering to Catholics all over the United States and all over the world, and by answering endless questions that manifested themselves in well thought-out (and referenced) articles. Indeed, as the internet continued to grow and dismayed Catholics began to more and more look high and low for answers, the site that these clergy had created as a clearinghouse for those answers,, became a place where people would seek answers through reading various articles on a sundry topics.

Still, despite the Kindle, iPad, and other digital devices, there's nothing like a book, even for the tech-savvy Catholic.  That's how the Anti-Modernist Reader came about.  In Summer 2008 Stephen Heiner spent a week at St. Gertrude the Great doing interviews with clergy there and, together with Father Cekada, organized every single article on into four different categories: The Pope, the Mass, the Sacraments, and Sedevacantism. These four categories would comprise the four volumes foreseen in this set.

 We are anxious to share these compiled texts with Catholics ever more bewildered in the Bergoglian era of "there is no Catholic God" and "who am I to judge?"

This first volume, treats the question of the pope and the papacy: its enduring and necessary place within an integral Catholic Faith, and a comprehensive compendium of the errors of the papal claimants dating back to Paul VI. It's the necessary first volume that lays the foundation and principles upon which all subsequent volumes in the series are predicated.

$29.99     300 pp.

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