Request Mass Intentions

The offering requested for an Mass intention does not represent the “purchase” of Mass, but is rather intended to help support for one day the priest who offers it.

The majority of the Mass intentions received through this site are passed along to poorer traditional Catholic priests we know in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Nigeria. They rely on these stipends to live.

We are able to receive intentions for:

  • Individual Masses. ($25)
  • Novena Masses. 9 consecutive Masses. ($325)
  • Gregorian Masses. 30 consecutive Masses for a departed soul.  May be offered for one soul only ($850)

Note: Offerings for Mass intentions are not classified as tax-deductible contributions for which an income tax receipt may be given.

Because of our small office staff and because these intentions are sent to priests in various parts of the world, we regret that cannot guarantee a specific offering date in advance, nor can we respond to requests to indicate the exact date on which a particular Mass will be offered.

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