2021 All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar, The Miracles of Our Lord

The Gospels of the year should be our spiritual reading, our meditation. St Therese carried them over her heart. So many saints knew them by heart. This was because God’s Word was their constant meditation. But we get distracted with so many things, worthwhile duties, and less worthy ones too. But we’re the ones who actually believe in the Gospels, we traditional Catholics. We firmly hold that they are not myths or fairy tales or simply nice stories, but the very Word of God, who can neither deceive nor be deceived. Still, mind and heart are filled with a thousand things...

But there’s good news when it comes to the Good News, for that is what the word Gospel means. One picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This year we are presenting a calendar with twelve color prints of Our Lord’s miracles. Many will be familiar to you, some may merit a look  in the Book itself. Meditation often starts with a picture. Our 2021 All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar, The Miracles of Our Lord, will help you start, or punctuate your day with a reminder of Our Lord Himself, and your holy Faith.

As in past years, the 2021 All Saints Roman Catholic Calendar:

  • Follows the pre-1955 rubrics and calendar. (Of course!)
  • Includes all feasts, fasts and observances. (Click sample page to view details.)
  • Includes many optional feasts or devotional feasts not on the general calendar.


Order several for your home!

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Shipping starts: early December