Webcast Problems

We at St. Gertrude the Great are very pleased to be able to webcast the traditional Catholic liturgy to faithful souls all over the world. We also realize that isolated Catholics who have no access to the traditional Mass and solid preaching rely on our web apostolate as a spiritual lifeline, so we do our very best to maintain consistency and continuity in the webcasts.

Interruptions in Simulcasts: Nevertheless, viewers occasionally report interruptions in our simulcasts. These can be due to a wide variety of factors.

Some factors, such as problems with a viewer's internet service or browser, are beyond our control

Others are the results of oversights or technical problems here at St. Gertrude's: the priest forgot to turn on the audio or the computer before Mass, our internet service is down, a connector wire in our bare bones broadcast system came loose (see the photos of our webcast computer and our Scotch-taped camera) or most often, the computer just hiccuped.

If there is no simulcast when one is normally scheduled (see the list on the webcast page) or specially announced (holy days, for instance), or if the audio or video feed permanently disappear, please let us know right away by email.

Use the contact form at this link to report problems. Your email will go to one of the priests' cell phones. If Father is available and able to do so, he will alert someone to the problem immediately, and we will try to fix it.

Usually, a fix involves nothing more than rebooting the computer, during which there is, of course, an interruption of the webcast.

We thank you for your patience.

Camera Angles and Positioning: For liturgical, devotional or practical reasons, some of our Masses are offered in the side chapel or at side altars, either during the week or on special occasions. We regret that we do not have the equipment or the personnel to simulcast these Masses.

For special ceremonies, however, we are sometimes able to have someone present in the sanctuary to operate the camera.

Finally, we are grateful to our viewers for their enthusiasm and their support, and we hope to be able to improve the technical side of this important apostolate one day in the future.