Donna Patton: Fiction for Children and Adults

Donna Alice Patton lives in the Cincinnati area and comes from a large Catholic family. As a child, she loved to daydream and tell stories, and as an adult, she decided to share her stories with others. is delighted to spread the word about her work and pass along the links where her books may be purchased. Happy reading!

F O R  C H I L D R E N


THE SEARCH FOR THE MADONNA: Times are tough, especially for Maggie Brandenburg and her twin sister, Em, who are trying to help Aunt Sophie keep her Midwestern strawberry farm running during the Great Depression. Can Maggie overcome her own fears and help save the farm? Maggie is determined to unlock the secrets of the legendary, lost Brandenburg treasure. But will she find the treasure before it's too late? Click for BOOK purchase info. Click for KINDLE purchase info.

THE GIFT OF SUMMER SNOW: Vanished — another Summer Snow rose! Someone's been taking junior gardener Becky McGuffey's prize-winning flowers and the county fair is only weeks away. Will she be able to solve the mystery in time to enter her roses in the fair? Relying on her family, friends and her devotion to St. Theresa, Becky digs deep to find the answers. Click for BOOK purchase info. Click for KINDLE purchase info.

F O R   A D U L T S

ROSES ARE RED, DIAMONDS ARE BLUE: Anastasia Diamond – missing. Museum curator – murdered. A cryptic clue, kidnapped child, time running out... As the snow deepens... Click for EBOOK purchase info.

CHRISTMAS INTERRUPTED: Snowbound in the Rockies for Christmas – will James Montfort and daughter survive? Maybe – with a little help from their “friends." Click here for KINDLE purchase info.