Thoughts on Purgatory for November - Fr. Coleridge


A reprint of Fr. H.J. Coleridge's 1878 classic, Prisoners of the King: Thoughts on the Catholic Doctrine of Purgatory (401 pages)


Two or three years ago it fell into my lot to preach during the Octave with which the Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls is accustomed to celebrate the annual Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. It occurred to me that some of the miracles of our Lord might be usefully applied in illustration of the doctrine of Purgatory, and this the substance of some few of the chapters of this book was put together.

The Holy Souls are sufferers to a degree and in a manner which are but faintly pictured in the bodily maladies which our Lord so lovingly relieved, and they are sufferers whose case He has left very much to the charity of the children of the Militant Church. His Sacred Heart looked further than the outward disease or privation for which He used His healing or restoring power, and, if it is most natural to consider all bodily evils as shadows and images by which spiritual infirmities are represented, it is not an exaggerated extension of the same principle of accommodation to consider the sufferings of Purgatory, all of which are caused by sin or negligence, as included under it.

And no phase of department of Christian devotion can ever lose by being connected in any way with considerations on the acts and sayings of our Lord.

 This book is excellent reading anytime, but especially during November, the Month of the Holy Souls.

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